Meet the 2023 British Pavilion Artists

Sabão Azul e Água by Sandra Poulson

Sandra Poulson lives between London and Luanda. Her work discusses the political, cultural, and socio-economic landscape of Angola analysing the relationship between history, oral tradition, and global political structures. 

In her British Pavilion exhibition work, Sabão Azul e Água, she shares her interest in cleansing rituals and their connection to space, heritage preservation, and labour.

Sandra’s work shows objects made from fabric, each one pattern cut, sewn, stuffed with textile landfill waste and rendered with sabão azul, a blue soap that is typical in Angola. This is used to conceal the objects’ form, unearthing their hidden narratives.

Dancing Before the Moon runs from 20 May to 26 November 2023.

Sandra Poulson is one of six UK artists commissioned to create Dancing Before the Moon at the British Pavilion.  Click on the links to explore the work of the other five artists.

Journey through our film of the full exhibition here.

Photos: Taran Wilkhu © British Council

Film: John Ingle © British Council

Visual identity: TEMPLO