Meet the 2023 British Pavilion Artists

Bardo by Madhav Kidao 

Madhav Kidao is an architect influenced by subcultures in London and the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies from his own heritage.

In his British Pavilion work Madhav is inspired by the ancient belief systems where everything exists within a continuum. Bardo explores rituals of destruction and reincarnation and reminds us that cultures, spaces, and objects can be circular and infinite. advocates circular thinking, 

Bardo is made from melted and recast low-carbon aluminium, previously used to create Between Forests and Skies, a 2021 pavilion commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

Dancing Before the Moon runs from 20 May to 26 November 2023. 

Madhav Kidao is one of six UK artists commissioned to create Dancing Before the Moon at the British Pavilion. Click on the links to explore the work of the other five artists. 

Journey through our film of the full exhibition here.

Photos: Taran Wilkhu © British Council

Film: John Ingle © British Council

Visual identity: TEMPLO