As visitors climb the steps and enter the pavilion they are taken to the main hall.  As a room for congregation, the main hall will host a programme of public events including film screenings and talks. 

Inside the hall there is a large cinematic installation with a film made by the curators with numerous collaborators. This film highlights the central role that rituals play in reflecting the traditions and community values of people living in the UK.

The Dancing Before the Moon film

The Dancing Before the Moon film observes rituals performed by the global diaspora in Britain, demonstrating an appreciation of land, community values and sharing space. Through dance, procession, games, growing and worship we are reminded that, irrespective of race, culture and socio-economic circumstances, we are all capable of inventing and transforming what’s around us.

Including new footage, the film is shot around the UK including a pub in Nottingham and hair salon in Streatham and some rarely-seen vintage footage from the BFI. A new soundtrack accompanies the film, blending old and new music in a new score devised by musicians Oscar #worldpeace and Fredwave. 

Above: the main hall leads to galleries showcasing the artists’ work.

Photos: Cristiano Corto © British Council