Our national presentations are renowned for influencing the future of contemporary culture at a global level. The art and architecture exhibitions in Venice not only reflect the incredible contemporary creative talent in the UK, they provide an important platform for embracing, trusting and facilitating that talent to shine.

Sonia Boyce’s 2022 exhibition in Venice was awarded the prestigious Golden Lion in recognition of her artistic talent, her 40 year practice, the values and techniques she holds dear as well as the efforts of the whole team in working together to make the exhibition happen. The success and impact of every exhibition is the result of collaboration and teamwork and is reliant on the generous contributions from sponsors.

The Fellowships Partners are institutions and organisations across the UK who are responsible for shortlisting their internal candidates to take part on the programme and who have committed to fund and support their selected candidates to develop their project or research in Venice.

'We are thrilled to have been able to partner with the British Council on their Fellowships Programme in 2022! Opportunities like these are incredibly valuable to us as an organisation, the sector and of course the artists/fellows themselves. To spend time in a completely different context helps our alumni artists to grow and reflect in their practice and research. Without opportunities and support like this it is unlikely that many young artists would be able to access and experience the Venice Biennale and the international art sector and networks that it brings. These moments in artists careers are integral to them sustaining and opening networks and thinking, reflecting in their work whilst being part of a wider-international context.' - Polly Brannan, Open School East Artistic Director

Our Fellowships Partners are absolutely central to supporting emerging creatives and future talents. We welcome new partners each year – if you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us at venicefellowships@britishcouncil.org.

See the list of 2024 Institutional Fellowships Partners