By Visual Arts team

05 October 2020 - 19:36


Eleni Xynogala

Monday 5 Oct – Friday 11 Dec 2020  

London Metropolitan University  

This exhibition included work from 38 students, graduates and artists from across the UK who participated in the Venice Fellowships programme in 2019, under the Biennale’s curatorial theme ‘May You Live in Interesting Times.’  Inspired by the British Pavilion (Cathy Wilkes), the Biennale experience and living in Venice for a month, the Fellows used their research time to develop their studies, skills and practice.  

On display were paintings, photos, videos, prints and sculptures as well as QR codes to access online content and view zines and essays.  

‘I am delighted to see artworks and research produced by Fellows from across the UK following their time in Venice last year. The Fellows are an important part of the show at the British Pavilion, and it is fantastic to now share their responses to Cathy Wilkes, the biennale and indeed Venice. It is very important to celebrate international experiences and more so than ever to support emerging artists and young practitioners. We thank our partner London Metropolitan University and all our exhibitors for carefully and considerately adapting the show for the safety and enjoyment of visitors.’ 

- Emma Dexter, Director of Visual Arts

The Venice Fellowships offer a unique opportunity for students and researchers to spend a month in Venice during one of the world’s most significant art and architecture biennales. The Fellowships programme was initiated in 2014 by the British Council to strengthen the British Pavilion contribution as a platform for ideas and research. This programme aims to enrich the biennale exhibition, making it a reference point for universities and arts institutions. The Fellowships offers a way of viewing and experiencing art and architecture that provides a new outlook on issues of public and private space, artistic process and display.  

This exhibition was made possible by the British Council, with our exhibition partner London Metropolitan University. Thank you to all exhibiting Fellows from 2019, their peer group and supporting institutions.