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19 June 2017 - 16:53

We Are Here Venice tour in June 2017
Walking around the city with We Are Here Venice in June 2017 ©

Chris Bailkoski 

The second group of eight Fellows arrived in Venice in early June and their month’s stay got off to an interesting start with an introductory session to city life, ‘Venice Matters’.

Jane da Mosto, the co-founder and Executive Director of We are here Venice, guided the Fellows on a walking route of Venice to give them insight into daily life in the city and to highlight the environmental concerns. 

“As it was our first real day in Venice, the tour was helpful and interesting. I think it is something quite useful for people that are interested in Venice in a more social way and how it is at risk.” Polly, one of the Fellows in June

We are here Venice looks for ways to address Venice’s challenges as a living city, and shares these findings globally. So Jane met the Fellows at the Giardini and led them to her studio in Cannaregio, helping them to orientate themselves in Venice and offering some insider tips and knowledge that you might not pick up through the tourist or Biennale information. The session introduced Fellows to different ways of looking around Venice and Jane explained the issues around subsidence, sinking, and sustainability that touch the city and its inhabitants. The group also discussed creative interpretations of the city, which will feed into the research projects they’ll be developing over the coming weeks. 

“I think (the tour) will help many of the fellows contextualise their work in terms of the political and social background of what is happening in Venice right now.” Amanda, one of the Fellows in June

If you’re visiting the British Pavilion in Venice over the coming months, have a chat with our Fellows stewarding the show and ask them about their Venetian experience and why Venice matters. 

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We Are Here Venice Tour in June 2017
We Are Here Venice studio visit in June 2017 ©

Chris Bailkoski 

We Are Here Venice Tour in June 2017
We Are Here Venice session in June 2017 ©

Chris Bailkoski