British Council. Photographer: James Gifford Mead

The British Council works in partnership with art and architecture schools and organisations throughout the UK to support their students, graduates and researchers to embark on a one-month fellowship at the Venice Biennale. 

The British Council has created the Venice Fellowships programme to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Encourage discussion and research around the British Pavilion 
  • To open up international experiences in the arts and creative sectors 
  • To offer learning and development opportunities to students and early-stage career artists 
  • To provide networking and connections in UK and in Venice

British Pavilion Venice Fellowships 2022

We are currently recruiting Partners for our Venice Fellowships Programme during the Art Biennale 2022. We are looking for partners who add value to the programme and access to emerging arts professionals from underrepresented communities in the arts. 

Partners will be able to send students and artists to Venice as Steward-Research Fellows participating in Sonia Boyce’s solo exhibition at the British Pavilion.

Boyce is known for her highly innovative and experimental approach to art-making, using performance, drawing, print, photography, and audio-visual elements in her work. Since the 1990s, her practice has become increasingly improvisational and collaborative, inviting a broad cross-section of participants to come together and speak, sing or move in relation to the past and the present. At the heart of Boyce’s work is an empowering exploration of gestures and events, with an underlying focus on the personal and political subjectivities behind them.

Open Call for HEI Partners 

We are currently looking for partners from Arts departments in UK higher education institutions (HEIs). The deadline to apply is Thursday 15 July 2021. 

In the autumn academic term successful HEI partners will then shortlist their candidates. The British Council will appoint Fellows from these nominations by the end of 2021, before preparing Fellows for their Steward-Research Fellowships in 2022.

Venice Fellowships offers Fellows a chance to engage with the content of the British show as a steward, taking an important role in the visitor experience at the British Pavilion. Candidates are not required to have previous gallery invigilation experience, but be able to demonstrate an interest in the arts and customer-facing work. Fellows should be interested in and willing to explore improvisation as part of engagement with Sonia Boyce’s show. 

Fellows split their time between stewarding and independent research projects inspired by the exhibition, the Biennale or Venice itself. You can read about past Fellows’ work here: https://venicebiennale.britishcouncil.org/fellowship/blog 

To offer this opportunity to your students, graduates and researchers, please apply to become a partner by reading the Open Call document attached and completing the HEI Partner Application Form by Thursday 15 July 2021. Please see supporting and application documents at the bottom of this page.

Any queries and to submit your application please contact Laura Broderick, Venice Fellowships Programme Manager venicefellowships@britishcouncil.org.

Community Arts Partners 

In autumn 2021 we will also be reaching out to arts organisations working with individuals who would benefit from both the invigilation experience at the British Pavilion and a creative research opportunity in Venice. 

To register your interest, please contact Laura Broderick, Venice Fellowships Programme Manager venicefellowships@britishcouncil.org.

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