British Council. Photographer: James Gifford Mead

The British Council works in partnership with art and architecture schools and organisations throughout the UK to support their students, graduates and researchers to embark on a one-month fellowship at the Venice Biennale. 

The benefits for partner institutions

Institutions will have: 

  • The opportunity to become active participants at the British Pavilion in the Architecture or Art Biennales
  • The chance to send some of their brightest students and practitioners on a unique professional development experience 
  • The possibility of incorporating Biennale themes into their own programmes 
  • The potential to use the British Pavilion for tours, seminars and workshops when taking groups to Venice.

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What our partners say

"Although our trip was a short collaborative exercise, it was such a great opportunity and pleasure to have time to display, share and reflect upon the content that the students had collected on their trip with the British Council Fellows. The British Pavilion basement is an ideal space for projection and discussion. From a teaching perspective, it brings vitality to a project and an opportunity to focus on the research and its potential whilst actually in Venice." 
- Diane Cochrane, Tutor, Kent School of Architecture

Our partners 

The Fellowship programme has been made possible through partnerships with universities and arts and architecture organisations.

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How do Partners apply? 

For Fellowship places the process is: 

  1. Sharing the opportunity: Partners should share the opportunity with students or artists you work with, who you think should apply and who you would be able to support a grant for (a grant for 1 fellow is £1,600). Advertise the opportunity to your students or researchers to apply with the application below. The application form includes the criteria the British Council is looking for, you are also welcome to shortlist based on your own access and inclusion priorities. 
  2. The selection process - Part 1: Interested candidates should apply directly to you. Please shortlist to a maximum of 7 potential fellows – we can select up to 5 fellows from each organisation. Please also submit the partner application form, enclosing the candidates’ applications.
  3. The selection process - Part 2: The British Council will then contact potential fellows, to create a video application. Successful candidates will be awarded the Fellowship and will attend the induction school to prepare for their trip. 

Please contact us for a detailed timeline and to discuss arrangements: venicefellowships@britishcouncil.org

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